To Quit Or Not To Quit? That Is The Question

If you are looking to quit smoking, there is an alternative to nicotine replacement therapies, prescription medication or simply going cold turkey, as the team at New Life Prospects hypnotherapy clinic in Woking explain.

You started social smoking on a Friday and Saturday night down the pubs and clubs. Sitting in the smoking area was a great way to meet new people, having drunk, deep, meaningful conversations over a ciggie. You saw your colleagues at the restaurant you work at taking advantage of 5-minute tab breaks every hour and thought you wanted to get in on that. You have a particularly stressful job and think of smoking as a form of therapy to cope with the everyday grind of a high-pressure career.

No matter what got you into smoking, the earlier you start, the more damage you are doing to your body. Pretty obvious really. If you are to start smoking at the age of 15, you will already have a much more wrinkly and saggy face by the time you are in your 20s in comparison to your non-smoker friends. You will also be three times more likely to die of cancer if you start smoking at 15 than if you were to start in your mid-20s.

If the damage to your body is not enough to make you consider quitting, how about the damage to your bank balance? If you were to save all the money you would usually spend on cigarettes in a year (the average smoker spends £27.54 a week according to the NHS, therefore £1,432.08 a year), you could afford to buy more than five Xbox game consoles, a Givenchy handbag or a second-hand car.

If you’ve read the above prose and thought, “Right okay, I probably should quit”, you are going to need a little more than willpower to help you overcome your smoking habit. If you are to get the help of a GP onside, you are four times more likely to quit. Just having someone there to talk to you, support you and provide you with invaluable advice can be the key to quitting that nasty habit. They can advise you on nicotine replacement products and which may suit you better on your journey to quit smoking. In addition, your carbon monoxide levels can be measured to show how your levels can drop to that of a non-smoker just 24 hours after quitting.

Many of those who want to quit smoking but find it hard to go cold turkey turn to the electronic cigarette. Early evidence of the use of e-cigarettes suggests that they have the potential to save millions of lives if smokers were to switch. Public Health England believes that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than tobacco based cigarettes. However, it is still too early to have any concrete evidence in regards to the benefits and drawbacks of e-cigarettes. Give it 30 years and then we’ll have a bit more solid evidence for you.

But if smoking has taught us one thing over the generations, it is that not everyone finds it possible to quit in the same way. In fact, if you’ve tried all of the above with no success, it could be time to think about something else altogether. An alternative professional to work with when attempting to quit smoking is a hypnotherapist. Using different forms of hypnotherapy, they can channel into your conscious and subconscious mind, removing any restricting beliefs that stand in the way of you and a smoke-free life. The subconscious can be molded to produce a more positive outlook on a smoke-free lifestyle, helping you to stay motivated to your decision to quit and not falling off the wagon.