Upright Or Standing MRI Vs. Open MRI With Akumin

According to medical imaging pioneer and market leader Akumin, the two advanced kinds of MRI for customer experience are the upright/standing MRI and the open MRI. Both offer very similar medical and screening benefits for physicians. Both do the following:

  • Have an open design, whether it is standing , squatting, kneeling, or laying down, that allows patients to be scanned in a wide range of positions.
  • Increases the range of motion of the patients
  • Increases the physician’s ability to diagnose and determine joint, bone, muscle, and other body problems, offering new insights into the underlying pathology.

The list of medical benefits of standing and open MRIs goes on from the basics listed above. But what about the physiological and emotional benefits? Traditional MRIs confine patients to a small closed space which can significantly stress them out. In many cases, patients do not want to complete their procedure because the procedure is so traumatizing for them. Other take the process easily but for most, there is an issue of minor or major discomfort somewhere in the outstanding process.

Standing and open MRIs allow individuals to enjoy the process better. As North Americans know, the medical system does not necessarily make patients and citizens feel comfortable or happy about the process. They are often hard to deal with, offer slight to no support, and offer can be very costly. So, once individuals get to when they are doing the actual process, it becomes the system and the physicians responsibility to make patients feel comfortable. Being customer service oriented like this allows Akumin to dominate the scanning and imaging market in the United States. For more information on how you can land your next appointment with Akumin scanning and imaging, contact them using the link provided above.