Depending on how many episodes you’ve now read and / or listened to you may of heard us ramble on that Matthew’s medication can cause death as a adverse side effect.

You must be thinking, these guys surely are on crack!? How could a medication be allowed and approved past the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) if it could cause death? Even if there was only a 0.1% chance of death, all it takes 10 000 patients to be put on this medication (a very modest and under valued target) and a death rate of 0.1% and you still have 10 people that die from it!

That is not acceptable!

Especially, when god forbid, there are other much more suitable, proven far more effective and since the tax payer is paying for all of this remember, a much more cost wise solution given a modafinil tablet at the rates Matthew buys them for which as we can all agree is far greater than a wholesale rate that NSW Health could buy them for he pays only $0.68 per 200mg tablet. (imported direct from India, where it’s available there literally over the counter – no wonder their economy is booming!) On the contrary an anti-psychotic injection from disclosed data from the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) in Australia costs the tax payer on average $135per injection.

That is a HUGE difference!

What is more astounding is that modafinil is not a stimulant (I know, I know, ever doctor in NSW Health will claim it’s like ice and is a heavy stimulant.. for fucks sake guys you are meant to be professionals, do your fucking research!) If it were a stimulant then how come every time Matthew has cleared negative a urine drug screening test both at hospital and done third party via Douglas Pathology does he return a negative drug result for methamphetamine yet he took modafinil that exact same morning. If modafinil were a stimulant would it not then turn a drug screening tests positive? You bunch of dumb fucked brainwashed lunatics. The proof is right there, Matthew has taken modafinil religiously just about daily for the last few months, and does not plan on stopping!

What is better about modafinil even more so is that it is not addictive. Furthermore, it has a very small and manageable side effect list that can be weaned out usually by other forms of treatment and therapy such as meditation and mindfulness.

So Matthew was on at the direction of one Dr. Carlos an injection at Macquarie Hospital and subsequently still on after his discharge and remained on it until literally only a few months ago an injection that was no fucking joke, made in the 1970’s! Can you believe we still allow medication that was formulated 50 fucking years ago still roam this planet as if it actually has any therapeutic benefits? We may as well involve Hitler and Saddam Hussein back into this world and see what they want to do with it now that we are going back in time, back to the dark ages, back nearly to the last ice age. How, one could not fathom that scientifically and medically we have progressed somewhat in 50 years and have new , more appropriate, lesser side effect and deemed less intrusive medications to deal with a worldwide pandemic that is the treatment of psychosis and in turn schizophrenia.

Let’s fuck off these ancient remedies and remember times were different 50 years ago, we don’t live the life we live today and have the luxuries and civil libertarian rights and freedom that we do today. We must embrace humankind and move forward as a pact and not dwindle on our past and how we used to treat or do things be it medically, sexually, politically or economically. The TGA must ban these medicines immediately if they know right from wrong and as you can clearly see below, the Australian distributor themselves on their official fact sheet Matthew obtained states black and fucking white that by taking this medication you take the risk of suffering side effects such as.. “sudden death”.

Now who the fuck would take something knowing it can literally kill you and the manufacturer is so indemnified most likely by a corrupt insurance pyramid network that they are willingly and openly honest about the fact. Oh wait, just about all of you take this medication for starters not voluntarily, you wouldn’t have a part of it if you had the choice like Matthew and his plea to every doctor and nurse to help him, help them, see the light and there is alternative and proven successful modern treatments for methamphetamine dependance. The remainder of you sadly never get talk by your doctor who has a duty of care both in treatment and disclosure that they inform you that this medication can in fact and I quote, “suddenly kill you”.

Matthew’s doctors certainly never once whispered that he could die from taking any of his medications, he came to that conclusion upon months of solid research and journal database digging. One could imagine the legal fight a doctor would be up against from a patient whose father has billions in assets and just found out his son could of been killed, a multitude of times by the exact people his tax’es have been paying to keep him safe and in the best care and treatment possible. A medical negligent charge under the Civil Liberties Act 2002 perhaps or should we escalate things Dr. Carlos and Dr Schelle and Dr. Leech to perhaps a more sinister and real charge of attempted murder? Sure, Matthew is still alive, but if you had your ways he would not be. Why else would you subject him to Chlopixil for over 12 months straight and not even whisper a word to him or his father and legal guardian that one day he may just literally, drop dead.

A cover up like you have never seen before!

More to come.

PS: Like it how the Australian distributor of Chlopixil below has the words “sudden death” in the same font type and size as the rest of the  side effects. Don’t get me wrong, I’d hate to feel constipated but I’d hate more to just suddenly drop dead! Ha. What a fucking joke, to think the TGA accepts this as a fact sheet and does not make them at least bold face the death side effect so it’s a bit more in your face and well known.